Do you have a practice, game, show, or tournament coming up that requires medical coverage?

Here at Hespeler Village Athletic Therapy, we are well versed in supplying on field medical coverage for athletes aged 5 and up.  We can provide you with coverage for any sport from football to ballet and everything in between.

How Athletic Therapy differs from EMS athlete medical coverage:

An Athletic Therapist is specifically trained in prevention, immediate care, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.  We are certified Sports First Responders and have in-depth training in first aid and CPR with AED use.  AT’s are also concussion experts, thoroughly trained in immediate recognition and management of concussions in athletes of all ages.  If you are injured, the Athletic Therapist will reach you within seconds and take the appropriate actions to help you.  Using a Certified Athletic Therapist for your field coverage can help to keep EMS available to respond to true emergencies in the Cambridge area.

Field Athletic Therapy services include:

  • taping, wrapping, bracing, and splinting
  • on-field and off-field injury assessment
  • concussion testing and recognition
  • injury management and “return to play” decision making
  • emergency response, first aid, and CPR

To book HVAT for your next practice, game, rehearsal, or tournament, visit our contact page.