Are you an individual athlete, a team, or a school looking for someone to provide concussion baseline testing to you or your teammates? Are you in need of a follow up appointment to help you manage your concussion?  Contact Hespeler Village Athletic Therapy for baseline testing, post concussion follow ups, or advice on what to do next.

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury resulting from a jostling of the brain within the skull.  It can be caused by a direct blow to the head or indirectly by a large unexpected hit to somewhere else in the body, causing the brain to bump around within the skull.  There are a large variety of symptoms associated with a concussion and no two concussions are alike.

Certified Athletic Therapists are trained experts in concussion recognition and management.  At Hespeler Village Athletic Therapy, we can complete concussion baseline testing for individual athletes, whole teams, or schools.  A baseline test is an important part of concussion recognition and management.  It will tell the Athletic Therapist what is or isn’t considered “normal” for each individual athlete.  With this knowledge, if a concussion is suspected it’s easier to compare the results of a sideline concussion test to this baseline measurement to see how the athlete is affected.  The baseline test is also a good guideline to see when the athlete is back to normal during the healing process.

If you suspect you may have a concussion, you should see your doctor.  After seeing your doctor, it can be helpful to use the advice and knowledge of a Certified Athletic Therapist to help you through the steps of returning to your sport and returning to school.

To book your concussion baseline testing or a follow up appointment after a suspected concussion, visit our contact page.

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