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If you’ve injured yourself at a game, practice, class, rehearsal, or show, Hespeler Village Athletic Therapy can help!

At HVAT, our top priority is getting you safely back to doing what you love.  When you are injured and need treatment, we will begin with an hour long, one-on-one, in depth assessment of your injury.   During this assessment you will receive expert and up to date knowledge on the anatomy, physiology, and intricacies of your specific injury.  With this knowledge, you can fully understand what is going on in your body and begin to work on the healing process.  After determining the specific problem, we can then work on an individualized, sport specific, and progressive rehabilitation program to get you back into your sport safely, comfortably, and as quickly as possible.

In the clinic, Athletic Therapists use manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, corrective exercise techniques, and in depth knowledge of your sport to create an appropriate plan of action and reachable goals for you throughout the healing process.  An Athletic Therapist is not only concerned with healing existing injuries, we also aim to correct movement patterns and strengthen weak areas to prevent new injuries and keep you healthy.

To book an appointment for an initial assessment or treatment, visit our contact page.


If it is your first time coming to HVAT, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out a new client information sheet for your file.

If you fill out and print this New client information sheet before your appointment, you don’t need to arrive a full 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.