ImoImogen Lewin B.Sc, CAT(C)

Owner of Hespeler Village Athletic Therapy

Imogen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and former ballet dancer who grew up in Hespeler. She graduated from Concordia University’s Athletic Therapy program in May 2015. Upon graduating, Imogen passed her National Certification Exam and became a Certified Athletic Therapist in Canada. Currently, Imogen is working as an Athletic Therapist for the Twin City Predators Senior Varsity football team.  Keeping in line with her love of ballet, Imogen also enjoys working at local performances for Ballet Jorgen, where she treats the dancers backstage between shows in her free time.

Throughout her years at Concordia, Imogen specialized in covering football and rugby at the high school level. She also gained experience working with basketball, soccer, field hockey, baseball, softball, wrestling, judo, cheerleading, curling, hockey, ringette, figure skating, volleyball, floor hockey, cross country running, rowing, and ballet.  She has experience working with recreational, amateur, and professional athletes from age 5 and up.  Imogen is always interested in expanding her list of sports she has experience working with, so if you have something different, give her a call!

This past summer, Imogen worked as an Athletic Therapist at the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto.  She was stationed with the medical team in Ajax, covering men’s baseball and softball.  This was a fantastic learning experience and Imogen is looking forward to working at more major games in the future!

Imogen is especially interested in injury prevention through posture correction, core strengthening, and ensuring proper techniques for movement.  She plans to increase her knowledge in this domain throughout the next year in order to better serve her clients.  Imogen is also currently studying for the Board of Certification Exam to become a Certified Athletic Trainer in the USA.

Imogen was a competitive dancer for ten years and fully understands what each athlete goes through when an injury is holding them back from their full potential.  In her spare time, Imogen enjoys taking yoga classes, riding her bike, cross country skiing, and volunteering with the youth group at St. Mary’s Church in Hespeler.  In the future, she would like to take up dancing again, but for now, she wants to focus on helping others get back to doing what they love sooner.

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