Introducing Hespeler Village Athletic Therapy!

by admin


Welcome to Hespeler Village Athletic Therapy!  We are a brand new, fully functioning Athletic Therapy clinic in Hespeler and very excited to help all of Cambridge’s athletes.  Imogen has been working hard behind the scenes this past month to get the clinic ready to accept clients.  When she began this journey in October, she had a beautiful empty room to work with but had to tackle the back entrance to the yoga studio before moving in to the space.

IMG_20151102_124244 IMG_20151102_124300

This is what she was working with in the back entrance

IMG_20151102_124313 IMG_20151102_124323

And after about 8 hours of hard work, it looks like this!

IMG_20151109_134134 IMG_20151109_134212

The next task was to buy supplies and move them into the room.  This was the most fun task but took a lot of time to find the perfect items.  Over about a month, the basics of a clinic were found, purchased, and ready to move in.  At the beginning of November, with a little help, Imogen officially moved her equipment into the room and was almost ready for business.

IMG_20151111_111841 IMG_20151111_112353

As ideas began to flow, the yoga studio proposed putting some work out equipment that the owner had in storage into the room .  And while this was all happening, Imogen managed to acquire a hydraulic stationary plinth from a local equipment auction!  This meant that rearranging the room set-up would be necessary.  So, Imogen went back to the drawing board and rearranged the room until it made sense again and created more space.

IMG_20151122_161129 IMG_20151122_161149

As another piece of equipment was added, it became clear that it wouldn’t fit where we had left space.  So, one last time, Imogen went back to the drawing board and rearranged the clinic.  Now the office space can stay where it is and there is plenty of space to work with clients!


We are now accepting appointments for Athletic Therapy in the clinic!  Imogen and Breathe into Motion Yoga Studio are very excited about this new business partnership.  We look forward to helping the athlete’s of Cambridge overcome their obstacles and become stronger, healthier athletes.  Imogen hopes to help bring Athletic Therapy to Hespeler and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!